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The Managing Director of MEV wishes to transmit to all the components of the company, its obligation regarding material of quality, by means of the approval and diffusion of this POLICY OF QUALITY.

All activities carried out in MEV Mechanical and Electrical Components for Vertical Installation S.L.U. aim to bring MAXIMUM QUALITY TO OUR CUSTOMERS, and to satisfy their needs, for this, I consider fundamental, the fulfillment of the following factors:

    The products fulfill the requirements of the specifications and satisfy the needs of the interested parties.
    Anex VI (Módulo E) Guideline 2014/33/UE of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union is used as Model of Conformity with the type based on the assurance of the Quality of products for safety components of lifts.
    Anex XI (Módulo H1) of guideline 2014/33/UE of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union is used as model of Conformity based on the full assurance of the Quality and examination of design for lifts.

    The fulfillment of delivery times is considered an essential factor in the quality of our service. MEV wishes to implant SPEED and IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to customers as a determining factor of its work.

    Quality is a common task in all activities of the company, every one of its members must take on board their participation and responsibility in the PERFECTIONNING of processes and the OPTIMIZATION of resources at their disposal.

    As part of our daily work and as CUSTOMER SERVICE, channeling creative input to be transformed into useful results.

This policy will be supplemented every year, with measurable and quantifiable QUALITY OBJETIVES, and likewise be reviewed regarding their degree of fulfillment, with the aim of assuring that MEV. faces future challenges with guarantees.

The Managing Director of MEV will actively engage in the implantation of this Policy of Quality, as in the fulfillment of the processes of MEV and the contractual, reglementary and legal demands.

Approved by: Management.
Martí Escofet Esteve
Revision (02) 15/03/2021