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  • Landing doors for high rise residential, commercial and public sector.
    • Upto 800.000 annual cycles.
    • For lifts of upto 2,5 m/sg.
    • Large capacity of work cycle.
  • Openings from 600 to 1200mm on 2 telescopic or central panels.
  • Mechanism with double lane of the lightest high resistant hardened aluminium of the market.
  • Large capacity of panel weight.
  • Sectional Automatic Landing doors with individual packing.
    • Making easier transportation.
    • Reducing delivery weights.
    • Reducing the space in refurbishment sites.

    General characteristics and advantages:

    • Reduced assembly time on site.
    • Finished in Epoxy in Ral 7032 or any other RAL choice.
    • Finished in stainless Steel Aisi 304 SB or other finishing choices.
    • Optional Aluminium threshold for door finishing on floor.
    • Panels with adjustable hangers in 3 dimensions to simplify assembly and adjustment in refurbishments.
    • Lock with 3 rollers assure the opening of the door even during failure of the retiring ramp skates.
    • Adjustable lock in 2 dimensions of dragging rollers to guarantee reliability in assembly.
    • Robust, reliable and versatile.
    • With option of manual reopening in pit.
    • With automatic, manual reset or electrical opening contact.
    • Complies with: EN81-20/50 - EN81-58 - EN81-41 - EN81-21.