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Polyamide is one of the plastics created for engineering. It has been defined as with excellent properties to substitute steel. It is widely used in the industrial world for its lightness, toughness, auto-lubrication, resistance to wearing, antisepsis, isolation, etc. The friction co-efficiency is 8,8 times less than that of steel and its weight is only 1/7 that of copper.

The advantages of the polyamide pulleys are:

  • Resistant to friction and resistant to wearing. Great rigidity and toughness, high impact value. It does not suffer corrosion. All of this means that the polyamide pulleys have a longer useful life than the typical cast iron pulley.
  • Lightweight. It is easy to install and maintain.
  • The noise reduction and the vibration absorption mean that the lift is more silent as well as the journey more comfortable.
  • The useful life of the rope is increased; the rope fibres suffer less tension.
  • They are not affected by the atmospheric conditions of temperature, humidity, direct sunlight as well as grease type and have very low humidity absorption.

The pulleys are supplied with bearings and optionally with shaft and supports.

Autür has a stock available of the following pulley types. If you cannot find the model you need, please consult our Sales Department since we can make up the design which is more suitable to your needs.

PulleyDistance between grooves
Ø320 - 2 x Ø812
Ø320 - 4 x Ø817
Ø320 - 6 x Ø817
Ø400 - 4 x Ø1017
Ø400 - 6 x Ø1017
Ø440 - 4 x Ø1119
Ø480 - 4 x Ø1219