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In our wide range of semi-automatic doors you will find the ideal door to fulfil your needs.

Adaptable, sturdy and with a price and delivery time without doubt irreproachable, we can reply to your expectations for reforms as well as for lifts with narrow shafts, platforms and load-lifts.

Availability with vision panel, grand vision panel or without vision panel.

Our Swing Doors have received the Fire Resistance Rating E120 and EW60. This two-hour fire resistance rating is the maximum that can be certified.

General characteristics and advantages:

  • Fire Resistance Classification
    • Gran vision panel with free passage 550 to 950: E90 and EW30 E120 and EW60.
    • Vision panel and without vision panel with free passage 500 to 650 E60 and from 700 to 1200 E1200 to EW60.
  • PF30 certificate (not valid on doors with grand vision panel).
  • Clear openings from 500 to 1.200 mm widths (in 50 mm sections) for one panel doors.
  • Clear openings from 1.100 to 1.800 mm widths (in 50 mm sections) for two panel doors.
  • Standard hinged posts and 125 mm push-button panel posts. Possibility of 125/100/85/75 hinged posts and 125/100/85 and 75 push-button posts.
  • Standard push-button holes: 75mm x 135mm and 49mm x 135mm (JYCT). Possibility of other push-button hole and hole for display dimensions in push-button post and cross-beam.
  • Standard height free of 2.000 mm. Different heights available.
  • Supplied with handle, hydraulic retainer, spring, push-plate and vision panel in aluminium, Gervall or (Aljo) lock.
  • Finished in high quality epoxy paint, standard grey / beige RAL 7032 colour. Consult for different RAL.
  • Hidden hinges, reinforced in cases of clear openings above 900 mm widths.
  • Vision panel of 80 mm x 740 mm light and grand vision panel of CO-285 mm x 1.500 mm light.
  • Possibility of Alphen tubes above and below the frame for fixing (under order).
  • Doors supplied with Gervall or Aljo security locks.
  • With option of systems of detection and opening of doors for pit and / or reduced flight.
  • As a novelty, a door opener motor can be installed, allowing the automation of the opening and closing of semi-automatic doors silently.