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In our wide range of semi-automatic doors you will find the ideal door to fulfil your needs.

Adaptable, sturdy and with a price and delivery time without doubt irreproachable, we can reply to your expectations for reforms as well as for lifts with narrow shafts, platforms and load-lifts.

Availability in one or two panels and, of course, with vision panel, grand vision panel or without vision panel.

Our Swing Doors have received the Fire Resistance Rating E120 and EW60. This two-hour fire resistance rating is the maximum that can be certified.

General characteristics and advantages:

  • Fire Resistance Rating E120 and EW60.
  • PF30 certificate (not valid on doors with grand vision panel or two panels).
  • Clear openings from 500 to 1.200 mm widths (in 50 mm sections) for one panel doors.
  • Clear openings from 1.100 to 1.800 mm widths (in 50 mm sections) for two panel doors.
  • Standard hinged posts and 125 mm push-button panel posts. Possibility of 125/100/85/75 hinged posts and 125/100 and 75 push-button posts (in this latter case there would be no push-button hole and the lock would be in the cross-beam or with a special lock in the post).
  • Standard push-button holes: 75 mm x 135 mm and 49 mm x 129 mm (JYCT). Possibility of other push-button hole and hole for display dimensions in push-button post and cross-beam.
  • Standard height of 2.000 mm. Different heights available.
  • Supplied with handle, hydraulic retainer, spring, push-plate and vision panel in aluminium, Gervall or (Aljo) lock.
  • Supply possible with Prudhomme lock. Standard lock height 1.850 mm with 2.000 mm high door (triangular emergency key in post). Possibility of different lock height and lock in lintel, with frontal or side action in both cases.
  • Finished in high quality epoxy paint, standard grey / beige RAL 7032 colour. Consult for different RAL.
  • Hidden hinges, reinforced in cases of clear openings above 900 mm widths.
  • Vision panel of 80 mm x 750 mm light and grand vision panel of CO-285 mm x 1.510 mm light.
  • Possibility of Alphen tubes above and below the frame for fixing (under order).