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Complete MRL Lift Packages

A new concept of the Home Lift, the MEVLIFT Home is a high performing, electric lift equipped with the latest technology. Its single-phase or three phase Gearless Machine is set to a comfortable speed of 0,15 m/s. Ideal for homes with reduced Headroom and Pit dimensions.

MEVLIFT Evo is a single-phase electric lift equipped with a Gearless Machine at 1,00 m/s. It’s Ideal for buildings with reduced Headroom and Pit dimensions.

MEVLIFT City is equipped with a Gearless Machine that allows it to go up to 1,60 m/s. This lift is ideal for residential buildings.

The highest performing electric lift in our range, MEVLIFT Business is ideal for public buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals and other high-rise buildings.

Equipped with a Gearless Machine, MEVLIFT Industrial is the best option for high load capacity installations.