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The MEV Electronics Department was founded in 2000 with the project of developing its own control panel. Until that moment the production, as well as the technical assistance, was sub-contracted to completely reliable companies. In 2002 the first units were manufactured and actually we work with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing and control procedures certified by the TÜV accreditation body.

In line with all of our lift components and as a manufacturer of complete lifts, we have always paid a very special attention to the commitment of improvement as far as performance qualities in this very crucial part of the lift. High performance qualities, reliability, simple handling and maintenance and constant assembly time reduction have been our priority, without forgetting the safety of the users and of the technical personnel.

The standards required by the authorities and the most prestigious lift manufacturing, installation and maintenance companies, both national and international, have been reached, responding to the most demanding Standards of each country. Approximately 1.000 control panels and pre-wired electrical parts are produced each year. One same control board for any type of installation: hydraulic, 2-speed or VVVF electric, gearless, with or without machine room, up to 32 stops in up / down selective, simplex, duplex, triplex, quadruplex covering, in this way, all of the needs of the market. We customise each installation to the taste of the client and / or user.

The adaptability of our control panels to any type of machines and operators or pre-existing installations situates us in a position of leadership in the reform market. Telephone adaptability kit for existing cars, voice synthesisers, autonomous displays, adaptability to 2-speed or VVVF control panels, over-load devices, photoelectric barriers, landing and car push-button panels and a long etc. are also at the disposition of our clients. Other electronic lift components are manufactured such as frequency variators for door operators, emergency supply feeds for car operators, autonomous rescue devices, etc.

As for new works, the constant demand for comfort, stop precision and reduction of energy consumption has been satisfied thanks to the appearance of the permanent magnets gearless machines demanding a more advanced control technology achieved by MEV undoubtedly with a grade of excellency.

Consult us. It will be a pleasure for us to respond to your request and put all of our technology, the result of our long experience, at your disposal