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Thanks to the 4-wire BUS communication and its conception of hosing by different coloured braided wires, assembly times and possible failures of same are very much reduced.

Adapted to the demand, they can be delivered as per the client’s wishes; with fast or pluggable connectors, with 8 input / 8 output modules for dry contact 24V standard push-button panels or with JYCT CAN-BUS push-button panels, with inspection box adapted to any type of operator, with series wiring for automatic or semi-automatic doors, thinking always in the ease and speed of assembly.

We also have at your disposal separate material such as assembly boxes, pit stops, landing and car push-button panels, flat wiring, 3, 4, or 5 way intercommunicators, telephones for new works and reform.


  • Independent hosing for the safety series and push-buttons / luminous.
  • Shaft light commutable from pit, machine room and inspection box (optional).
  • Option of pre-mounted with fast connectors or pluggable connectors.
  • Necessary trunking and hardware for installation.
  • Up to 32 stops.
  • Pre-wired push-button panels


  • Only one 28-conductor flat wiring ending in connectors for standard installations.
  • Inspection box with car modules and door pre-installation, series, car lighting.
  • Up to 32 stops


  • Limits and magnetic or optic detectors.
  • Magnets or screens to position on guides.